Americanism essay contest american legion

Help judge the essays. Another benefit of learning about our government and our country is that we may realize that we would like to pursue a career in politics and government. Now more than ever is the time to celebrate your Americanism and help our youth spread the word on how proud they are to be an American.

Students will be awarded monetary prizes for the best essays judged in our local contest and in the state competition. In fact, in one form or another, they all have a distinctly European provenance that is set in direct opposition to the native meaning of Americanism.

Order pocket flag kits and distribute to members for assembly. Their sacrifices made it possible for me to have the freedoms and liberties that I enjoy today. Model respect for our flag at public events, such as sporting events.

It is important to understand how our government operates in order to recognize how the government can impact my life and my future. There is no freedom on earth for those who deny freedom to others.

“Americanism” Essay Contest Open for Students

Organize or participate in a patriotic holiday event. Teachers or youth group leaders hopefully will take the initiative to involve their students.

How do I enter? Home Revitalize our personal patriotism. We will be accepting however the writer interprets it. Invite media to attend the event. They may attend public, private, parochial schools or may be home schooled.

I need to know what is right and wrong so I know how to protect the people and their rights. Educate others on how to respect the flag. How does learning about the American government and American history help you to become a future guardian of the liberties of our country?

Five-Point Program Active Americanism in the home; active Americanism in the Unit; active Americanism in youth groups; active Americanism in adult groups; and active Americanism in our community. Present flags where needed.

Unit Appoint an active Americanism chairman. I encourage all of you to do one new event to promote Americanism this year. Camp, participating in the Quilts of Valor Project, encouraging others to fly the flag at schools, homes, business, etc. There are three different opportunities through our Plan of Action which you can use to promote Americanism.

Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest. The benefits of Americanism were promoted through the ideals of freedom and democracy. Contact and ask state and federal representatives to support the flag amendment.

Community Plan Town Meetings and other study groups, presenting both sides of a question. Students in kindergarten—1st grade can enter the Flag Drawing contest.

Students share ways to promote Americanism

Participants may also come through any youth group such as Scouting or from Church Sunday schools. Be the best ambassador of Americanism that you can be. Americanism work is largely educational in character and is usually divided into three phases: Help with community observance of patriotic holidays.

Volunteer to maintain the area around a community flag pole. There are three different opportunities through our Plan of Action which you can use to promote Americanism.

Encourage members to contact state and federal representatives and ask them to support the flag amendment. Sign up for legislative action alerts. There are several other ways to show your Americanism such as; wearing Auxiliary apparel and or the Flag pin, Sending girls to Girls State and Jr.

When the United States ended the draft after the war in Vietnam, many assumed that American citizens would raise their right hand, take the oath to protect the country, and serve in uniform out of a sense of patriotism. Since then, the success of the American nation has brought tremendous power to the notion of Americanism.

Youngsville senior Mineweaser national contest winner with ‘Americanism’ promotion essay

If you have additional questions about this year's essay contest, contact the Americanism Chairperson, Anastasia Kwit, at usa auxiliary.Americanism Essay Contest For Grades 7–12 FRA sponsors an annual essay contest to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country’s youth.

FRA's Americanism Essay Contest is open to all students, grades 7 through 12, including those who are home schooled. The Americanism Committee from Austin L.

Grove American Legion Auxiliary Unit in Glen Rock announced the opening of the school year essay contest. The Ohio American Legion’s Americanism and Government Test Program is designed to gauge each student’s knowledge of current government affairs.

According to Test Director Peg Barber, this mandatory test is given to students ranging from sophomore to senior grade levels.

National Americanism Essay Contest, American Legion Auxiliary-Kokomo Unit 6, S Lafountain St, Kokomo, United States. Fri Feb 17 at pm, Please share with school faculty and administrations!This is info to share only!


This is NOT an actual meeting. The date and time is the deadli. Americanism Essay Contest. americanism essay contest Local winners of the Americanism Essay contest present their awards Tuesday at Salida Middle contest was The Americanism Essay Contest.

Last year, we had essays. Americanism. The goal of the Americanism program is to inspire, recognize, and perpetuate responsible citizenship through education and acts of patriotism, in order to raise awareness and increase appreciation of the price paid for our fundamental freedoms.

Americanism essay contest american legion
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